• Joséfa Celestin - LIM_AS_Picture

Aurora's Skies


Writer-Director: Joséfa Celestin
Production Company: Shakehaus Films


Aurora's Skies selected for the fourth edition of Less Is More (2020)

Less Is More (LIM), the European platform for the project development of limited-budget feature films, announced the selection for its fourth edition in Berlin. A total of 460 applicants from 90 countries sent their projects in for LIM 2020, out of which 16 projects and 12 “Development angels” were selected.LIM is a training and coaching programme dedicated to script development for first, second or third feature-film projects. 

Each year, 16 such projects from all over the world are selected so as to boost their script development phase and to enhance their ability to accelerate and deepen the writing process, starting from an early stage. Driven by Le Groupe Ouest's methodological approach (two Le Groupe Ouest movies won two main awards at Sundance 2020 – and you can read the interview with LIM’s artistic director, Antoine Le Bos) and involving a very intense, eight-month-long process, LIM's philosophy is built around the idea that the introduction of self-imposed limitations early on in the writing process can lead to accelerated creativity for filmmakers.https://lim-lessismore.eu/press/